Thursday, February 17, 2011

China Glaze Lightning Bolt

Crackle Glaze in Lightning Bolt over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Sea Breeze... I think. The sticker fell off on the bottle. Whatever it is, I love this combo!

There's definitely a learning curve with these. This is my second mani with the Crackle Glaze, and while I didn't think I did too bad the first time around, this one is definitely better. There's only one nail I'm not happy with since I applied a bit too thick, but other than that, I love it.


  1. That looks so pretty! Your nails are also very pretty.

  2. Love the color combo. I am jealous that you have the entire collection, I missed out when it first was released and now it is impossible to find anywhere at a reasonable price.

    Have you ever tried applying the crackle diagonally? I hear it looks really unique that way.

    Fashion Urbia

  3. I'm following a full set on eBay right now, just because I'm curious to see what the end price will be. It's at $81 right now. It's ridiculous. head2toebeauty says they'll be restocked in May, hopefully that's true for anyone who missed out. If not, maybe the Sally Hansen and Kleancolor crackles will be a lot easier/more affordable to get a hold of.

    And I just tried diagonal application on a false nail and it does look pretty sweet! I'll have to try a full mani soon to see if I can achieve the look on myself.