Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My China Glaze Crackle Glaze came in yesterday and, oh my God, these things are SO much fun to play with. I didn't get the purple one because I wasn't too fond of the shimmer finish for a crackle polish, but I plan to place another order right after this entry to amend that. I NEED it. And I'll probably pick up a few back ups of at least the black and the white.

The Pop Beauty polished are from a different order that I got last week and haven't shared yet.

 (China Glaze Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt, Cracked Concert, Crushed Candy, Broken Hearted and Black Mesh)

 (China Glaze Dorothy Who? and Grape Pop)

 (Pop Beauty Twinkle, Radioactive, Ablaze, Turquoise, Ocean, XMas and Black)

The shimmer in both Radioactive and Ablaze are INCREDIBLE. I captured it pretty well with Radioactive, but not so much with Ablaze. It's the same kind of shimmer in both, though. So pretty.

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